Aquaponics AI is now FarmHub® - A new chapter in our journey

· Jonathan Reyes

We have some big news 🎉

It’s fascinating to learn that in certain cultures, changing one’s name is considered a highly significant milestone in life. This practice entails a ceremonial event that holds deep symbolic meaning, as it represents the individual’s identity and transformation, signifying the start of a fresh chapter in their personal journey.

These are the moments that make it all worthwhile, indicating that you have achieved a goal, and are ready to take on new challenges.

For us here at Aquaponics AI, it signifies that we are well-positioned to expand our reach and make a greater impact.

Our journey began as a humble endeavor, running farm monitoring software in Amman, Jordan. Driven by our vision of empowering farmers worldwide, we saw technology as the gateway to unlocking their success.

Jordanian Aquaponic Farmers at the Orient

Over the last two years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with visionary farmers from every corner of the world. From the rugged terrains of Alaska to the vast fields of Australia, from the rolling hills of India to the green pastures of Central America, we have been inspired by the resilience and creativity of farmers.

Our collaborations with Kentucky State University, Charlie Shultz at Santa Fe Community College, Sam Fleming at 100 Gardens, and EAU in Canada, have enabled us to scale operations of many commercial farmers. It has been an incredible journey, and we look forward to expanding our horizons and positively impacting the world of agriculture.

Kentucky State University

We’re ready to take on new challenges as FarmHub®

That’s right.  A name change 🎉.  This change represents a new beginning, a new phase of life, with lots of challenges that we’re excited to take on.

The future of farming is here, and it’s brimming with opportunities for growth and innovation. With our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment, you can expect to unlock a whole new level of success for your farm.

We are excited to partner with labs and sensors to create an ecosystem of collaboration, facilitating a seamless exchange of knowledge and resources. By harnessing the power of hydroponics and aquaculture, we will provide you with invaluable insights that will transform the way you approach farming.

What this means for you

  • Over the next few days/weeks you’ll start seeing communication from FarmHub instead of Aquaponics AI 🎉
  • If you’re one of our valued customers, you’ll begin to see charges coming from FarmHub
  • When you log in to Aquaponics AI you’ll be redirected to our fancy new domain:

Our aim is to make your farm safer, more efficient, and more profitable than ever before. Get ready to join us on this remarkable journey towards a brighter future for agriculture.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.  Looking ahead to great things….


Jonathan Reyes
CEO / Co-founder
FarmHub (formerly Aquaponics AI 😊)

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